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26 "Robust feature selection for multiclass Support Vector Machines using second-order cone programming" J López; S. Maldonado 2015 Uncategorized
27 "Alternative second-order cone programming formulations for support vector classification" S. Maldonado; J. Lopez 2014 Uncategorized
28 "The stochastic Mitra–Wan forestry model: risk neutral and risk averse cases" A. Piazza; B.K. Pagnoncelli 2014 Uncategorized
29 "Imbalanced data classification using second-order cone programming support vector machines" S. Maldonado; J. López 2014 Uncategorized
30 “On the determination of the principal coefficient from boundary measurements in a KdV equation” Baudouin L.; Cerpa E.; Crépeau E.; Mercado A. 2014 Control of PDE and Inverse Problems
31 “Tools for improving feeding strategies in a SBR with several species” Gajardo P.; Ramírez H.; Rodríguez J. C. 2014 Uncategorized
32 ”Lithospheric 3D flexure modelling of the oceanic plate seaward of the trench using variable elastic thickness” Manríquez P.; Contreras-Reyes E.; Osses A. 2014 Uncategorized
33 “A dynamical approach to an inertial forward-backward algorithm for convex minimization” H. Attouch; J. Peypouquet; P. Redont 2014 Optimization and Variational Analysis
34 "Numerical Absorbing Boundary Conditions Based on a Damped Wave Equation for Pseudospectral Time-Domain Acoustic Simulations" C. Spa; P. Reche-Lopez; E. Hernandez 2014 Uncategorized
35 "The optimal harvesting problem under price uncertainty" A. Piazza; B.K Pagnoncelli 2014 Uncategorized
36 “Numerical observers with vanishing viscosity for the 1d wave equation” García G. C.; Takahashi T. 2013 Control of PDE and Inverse Problems
37 ”Potential recovery for Reissner-Mindlin and Kirchhoff-Love plate models using global Carleman estimates” A Osses; B Palacios 2013 Control of PDE and Inverse Problems
38 “A heat source reconstruction formula from single internal measurements using a family of null controls” García G. C.; Osses A.; Tapia M. 2013 Control of PDE and Inverse Problems
39 "Forward-backward penalty scheme for constrained convex minimization without inf-compactness” N Noun; J Peypouquet 2013 Optimization and Variational Analysis
40 “Support vector machine under uncertainty: an application for hydroacoustic classification of fish-schools in Chile” Bosch P.; López J.; Ramírez H.; Robotham H. 2013 Uncategorized
41 "Analysis and evolution of air quality monitoring networks using combined statistical information indexes" A Osses; L. Gallardo; T. Faundez 2013 Optimization and Variational Analysis