AM2V researchers obtain one of the Anillo Project supported by CONICYT

 The main researchers of the project are Erwin Hernández (Director), Alberto Mercado (Adjoint Director), Eduardo Cerpa, Pedro Gajardo, and Juan Peypouquet, joint with Luis Briceño, Francis Mairet, and Carlos Spa who participate from their postdoctoral positions. Additionally, Axel Osses (CMM-UChile), Hector Ramirez (CMM-UChile), and Galina García (USACh) participate as external associated researchers. 

The main objective of this proposal is to consolidate the scientific work of the researchers participating in this project, to establish the first applied math research group in Chile with a focus on theoretical control and optimization problems. The scientific objectives that constitute the core of the scientific research proposed in the project are: Control of bioprocesses, Sustainable exploitation of marine resources, Signal compression and recovery, Control and inverse problems for Partial Differential Equations (PDEs), Numerical analysis of control problems, and Inverse problems in earth sciences.

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