Juan Peypouquet

Personal Information

Position: Associate Researchers Juan Peypouquet
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Research areas:
  • Optimization and Variational Analysis
Phone or fax:
Location: F 246 (Casa Central, Valparaiso)


  • Gajardo, P., Morales, C. & Peypouquet, J. (2016). "Monotonicity beyond Minty and Kato on locally convex spaces". Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 435(2), 1701-1709. [More] 
  • Briceño, L., Hoang, N. D. & Peypouquet, J. (2016). "Existence, stability and optimality for optimal control problems governed by maximal monotone operators". Journal of Differential Equations, 260(1), 733-757. [More] 
  • Peypouquet, J. (2015). Convex optimization in normed spaces: Theory, methods and examples (Springer ed). [More]